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Nothing is more frustrating than dealing with a car that has recently broken down. In addition to figuring out where to take it and paying for repairs, you might also deal with the stress of choosing a new ride. However, if you know what you are looking for, shopping can be fun and stress-free. My blog is all about breaking car buying down into easy to digest chunks, so that you can enjoy the process. Read here to learn more about choosing a brand, servicing your vehicle, and avoiding hassles when you start negotiating. You never know, it could save you a lot of money.

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How Do Junk Car Buyers Evaluate Non-Runners?

When you own a non-running vehicle, it may seem to be completely worthless. However, junk car buyers have a keen eye for the value that, to many, simply isn't apparent within these vehicles. There are several factors involved in junk car buying. Therefore, if you are considering how to sell your junk car for cash and how much cash for junk cars is paid these days, then it is worth knowing how junk car buyers make their valuations in the first place. Read on to find out more about the process of evaluating a non-runner.

Basic Details

Firstly, the make, model, and year of the car are crucial to involved in junk car selling. Certain brands and models have a higher demand for their parts in the used market, making them more valuable, regardless of their running status. The age of the vehicle can also influence its value regardless of the mileage. This is because older vehicles will typically have rarer or harder-to-find spare parts that could increase the vehicle's worth even if it no longer turns over.

Overall Condition

Next, the state of the junk car will be assessed. Though the vehicle may not be functioning, the state of its components and bodywork will play a significant part in its valuation. If parts like the engine, transmission, or electrical components are salvageable, then a junk car buyer can sell them individually. Similarly, non-mechanical elements, such as body panels, interior features, or wheels, can also be valuable if they are in good condition.

Car Weight

In most cases, junk car buyers will also evaluate the vehicle's weight. This is because a significant portion of a non-running car's value comes from its scrap metal potential. Cars are made up of a mix of metals, including steel, aluminum, and sometimes even precious metals like platinum in catalytic converters. Simply put, more cash for junk cars is paid for heavier vehicles in comparison to lighter ones.

Locational Factors

The location of the vehicle may also be a key contributing factor to its valuation. Towing or transporting a non-running vehicle can add to the cost of buying it, of course. Hence, a car located closer to the junkyard or salvage facility might obtain a higher asking price due to the lower transportation costs involved in salvaging it.

Market Considerations

Lastly, the current market demand for scrap metal and used car parts plays a role in a non-runner's evaluation. If the demand is high, then your junk car buyer may be willing to pay more for non-running vehicles than would otherwise be the case as they may be worried you'll be able to sell your junk car for a higher price elsewhere.

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