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Nothing is more frustrating than dealing with a car that has recently broken down. In addition to figuring out where to take it and paying for repairs, you might also deal with the stress of choosing a new ride. However, if you know what you are looking for, shopping can be fun and stress-free. My blog is all about breaking car buying down into easy to digest chunks, so that you can enjoy the process. Read here to learn more about choosing a brand, servicing your vehicle, and avoiding hassles when you start negotiating. You never know, it could save you a lot of money.


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3 Car Dealer Extras That May Be Worth The Money

Are you in the market for a new car? When you finally make your purchase, your car dealer will likely present you with a number of optional extras. While these extras may cost more money, they also may enhance your vehicle and improve the vehicle's durability and security. If you're not familiar with all the extras, it can sometimes be difficult to know which options are right for you. While you likely don't need every available extra, there are some that can make your car safer and more comfortable and help it last longer. Here are three such extras that could be worth the money when you buy your new car:

Undercoating. Most of your car is covered with paint that has built-in rust protection. That's not the case with the bottom of your car, though. In most cars, the bottom is open, leaving the car's metal suspension, transmission, engine, bearings, belts, and more vulnerable to rust damage. Water on the road can rise up and accumulate on your car's parts. Also, salt, dirt, and other grime can clog up belts and bearings and other important components.

You can protect the bottom of your car with undercoating, which is usually offered at the time of purchase. Undercoating keeps moisture from accumulating on the metal and prevents rust damage. As an added bonus, it can also make your car more stable and act as a sound buffer, giving the car a quieter ride.

VIN etching. This affordable service could prevent car theft and even reduce your insurance rates. With VIN etching, you can have your car's Vehicle Identification Number permanently etched onto the windshield. This is an important theft prevention measure. With the VIN visible on the windshield, a car thief likely won't be able to resell the car on the black market. There's no way to scratch out the VIN once it's etched.

As you can imagine, insurance companies love this because it reduces the risk of theft. Talk to your insurance company. They may give you a discount for having your VIN etched onto the windshield.

Gap insurance. One of the issues with financing a new car is that the market value of the vehicle can sometimes be less than the balance that you owe on the loan. That can be especially true early in the loan. While you may have comprehensive collision coverage on your vehicle, some insurance companies will only pay out the market value of the vehicle, not the outstanding loan balance. If there's a substantial difference between the value and the loan balance, you may have to pay that yourself.

Gap insurance is affordable protection that's offered by many new car dealers. It covers any difference between the value of the car and the loan balance in the event of a total loss. That way, you can get full value for the car without having to pay money out of pocket.

For more information, talk to your new car dealer. They can help you decide which extras are right for you.